Elect Misty Dawson for Clear Creek ISD, District 1

  • End ALL COVID Restrictions
  • Keep Politics OUT of Classrooms
  • NEVER Engineer Social Skills
  • Budget Transparency, FAIR Tax Rates
  • Respect, Retain, and Support Teachers



Misty Dawson is a business owner, Mossman Elementary PTA Board Member, and frequent school volunteer. She lives in League City with her husband and three children.
A vote for Misty is a vote for:

  • Full transparency and accountability
  • No politics or social engineering
  • Letting the kids be kids
  • Proper budgeting and fair taxes, no sacrificing special programs
  • Support for our excellent teachers

texas values in clear creek schools

The Issues

End All COVID Restrictions

COVID restrictions imposed on our children have proven to cause more harm than good. I will vote to end all remaining constraints.

Keep Politics Out of Classrooms

Let’s teach our children HOW to think, not WHAT to think. Political agendas are the death of education and free thought.

Never Engineer Social Skills

Social skills are best learned at home from parents. We need to focus on high academic standards to compete in an ever-changing job market.

Budget Transparency, Fair Taxes

I will ensure that bond funds stay with bond projects, examine administrative waste, protect funding for our high-quality programs, and always fight for fair property taxes.

Respect, Retain, Support Teachers

Teachers are on the front lines of education. We need to find a way to retain them for the long haul, provide them with the resources they need, and keep money in the classroom.

early voting is april 25-29, may 2, 3 7a-7p

election day is may 7